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The Utah Futurity & Aged Event with Fall Cutting was a huge success thanks to all who attended. The support was tremendous and so appreciated in this very different year!

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The Utah Scholarship Auction was a grand success due to the generosity of those donating items and those bidding on these items. This year's auction raised over $3,000. All this money goes directly into the fund for the scholarships won by the youth this year. Even though youth earned $5,400 in scholarships, this will year's auction will definitely go a long way in feeding the fund for our upcoming years of kids in school!

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Congratulations to
THE 2020 Futurity Open Champion and Futurity Non Pro Champion


Smooth Talkin Branch

Owner: KT Ranches
Rider: Lawson Hadlock

Pretty Pleasin Kit

Owner: Maria Tranberg
Rider: Courtney Ferreira

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