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UCHA Year End Awards....... So there is no confusion, here is the list of remaining shows that count for the Utah CHA year end awards.
Approved for standings:

July 23-26   BVCHA NCHA Cutting - High Desert Station  Star, Idaho

August 12-16   Big Piney Cutting - Big Piney, Wyoming

October 1-4   BVCHA NCHA Cutting - High Desert Station   Star, Idaho

October 22-25  UCHA Ogden Cutting - Golden Spike Events Center  Ogden, Utah

There are other great cuttings to attend but these are the cuttings that are approved for our year end awards.

With all the cancellation of shows, we have revised our UCHA Year End Awards Program. Please check it out at www.utahcha.com. Not all classes will receive class saddles - some are combined and others like the 50,000 Am, 35,000 NP, 15,000 Am and 2,000 Rider will have their own saddles. We will then have an Open Rider saddle - money for this saddle will come from the following classes: open, 25,000 Novice, 5,000 Novice, derby open and 5/6 open. We will also have a Non Pro Rider saddle - money for this saddle will come from the following classes: non pro, 25,000 nov np, 5,000 nov np, derby non pro and 5/6 non pro. Those classes involved in the combined saddles will each receive a champion buckle. All classes will go down two more awards. It will be a great year with lots of awards.

Hope you're getting those three year olds ready. The Utah Futurity & Aged Event will be here before you know it. The UCHA Ogden Cutting will be October 22-25. This is basically three shows over four days but with a 4th Open, Non Pro and 50,000 Amateur classes. The aged event will start on Monday, October 26 and run thru Saturday, October 31. New this year is the 3 year old Consolation Class. This class is open is any horse that has been entered in the futurity open or intermediate open class but did not make the finals of either division. There will be $1000 added.

Videos of runs available thru Kicking S Video

Photos available thru

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